Here are a few comments from clients that have received sessions from me…

“This session helped me far more than I anticipated.  The things that came up for me were eye opening.  I knew I was carrying a lot, but the session helped me sort through them and prioritize them.  It was easy for me to go deep with Amy’s presence.  I felt safe and secure to do my work.”  SM

“I was able to observe my thoughts and recognize the predominant emotion that seems to be the root of my thoughts and fears.  I believe I was able to have a clearer insight because I was constantly being asked, “What is coming up now?” and then heard my answer repeated back to me.  When I had to vocalize my thoughts they were easier to process and
harder to disregard.”  AD

“Amy was prepared, professional and held the space for me to explore my mind and body.”  SB

“I surprised myself by what came up, and more importantly, that I shared it with [Amy]. But the line of inquiry was so interesting & will prove so useful to me from now on, that I didn’t have any residual “yikes, I told things to a stranger!” feelings …”  CB

“I particularly loved being able to be passive and enjoy the postures with my eyes closed.  I am going through a lot of grief right now and not being prodded for more in depth answers was nice.  I felt able to just “be.”  ET

“Amy was great.  Her movements felt smooth and confident.”  ET

“The session was relaxing and centering. I was pleased with the consistency of the trainer’s strong yet gentle physical contact, clear vocal tone and the even pace of the session.”  KK

“I received a better understanding of Yoga Therapy, which was one of my goals. I also affirmed my current life situation and was able to reframe it in a positive light. The closure at the end of the session really worked for me. It was important to me that I connect the emotional and physical experience through verbalization (i.e. answering the trainer’s question prompts).”  KK

“I enjoyed the session very much.  I left feeling physically relaxed and mentally focused on the ideas we discussed.”  LN

“The physical stretching was the best part for me.  It is/has been on my personal agenda to get more physically flexible and the intense stretching is just what I need.  On the emotional/psychological level I was able to make the connection between my physical state and my current mental blocks.”  LN

“I walked out feeling like a new person.”  BC

“I hesitate to use the phrase “life altering”, but it was definitely overall mood altering in a major way. Prior to my session with Amy, I had been feeling a lot of anxiety I was attributing to several minimal changes in my life that were adding up. However, my session helped me realize that my feelings were stemming from another source entirely. Without Amy’s help, I may never have discovered the root of my feelings.” DN

“Everything was great!  I especially loved how willing I was to trust Amy with my body and with the contents of my mind.  She’s a natural!”  DN

“The session was an excellent introduction to a new form of therapy.  It was extremely
relaxing—allowing me to concentrate on connecting my feelings with movement of
various areas of the body.”  PP

“I was able to confront my feelings.”  PP

“I allowed myself to open up to someone who gave me the room, comfort and ear to share my thoughts and emotions.”  PP

“I thought it was very well-done.  I liked the “order of operations”.  It began with the explanation of what to expect and then proceeded at a relaxed pace. Amy, you were very professional and confident in what you were doing which helped make me comfortable.”  SB

“I liked taking the time to slow down and think about things.  This session gave me the space to self explore my feelings internally without “blabbering” on about my frustrations.” SB

“I loved my session with Amy!  I came into it feeling emotionally stuck and left with a new, clear perspective.  I found it enlightening and moving.”  AD

“I found that I was able to move through a recent loss that was causing me to feel emotionally disconnected and angry.  I found gifts and lessons from my experience that I would not have normally seen on my own.”  AD

“Amy is really great at leading these sessions.  Each one I have done with her has been helpful and healing.  I am very grateful.”  AD

“As soon as I entered the room, there was an immediate level of comfort and safety. The session left me feeling very in touch with my body and emotions- relaxed and centered. During the session I felt that I was being listened to and the body work that was done in
conjunction with the dialogue was a strong indication of this for me.”  AK

“What I really appreciated about the session was when I was speaking to an emotional response which was coming up, and the body part that was seemingly connected to it (my neck) Amy was very quickly able to address this in a way that truthfully ignited a positive and needed release.”  AK

“I feel that Amy has an energy that is very warm and inviting and because of this is at a really good place to make strong connections and do some great work with people. I think she was really respectful in making sure that I felt comfortable and was conveying through in some ways the work was reciprocal. That allowed me to feel like I was much more connected in the experience.”  AK

“It really worked for me to be both completely relaxed and also be able to speak freely from a deep place of observation.”  JB

“I loved Amy’s voice-it was so steady/neutral and very calming.  Made a huge difference with the whole experience.”  CV

“Very healing session—my energy was very different for a few days after
session.  Amy is responsive, gentle and caring.”  LC

“Overall, my experience was very positive. As a person who lacks experience in meditational yoga, I was surprised by my ability to focus inward under your guidance.” TW

“In particular, I gained a better understanding of the uniqueness of my body. I learned the physical places where I hold mental and emotional stress, which spurred an internal dialogue pertaining to how I can better manage and mitigate these stresses.” TW

“The open-ended nature of your line of questioning—in combination with your authentic, soothing voice—really worked for me. When you prompt me with phrases like “tell me more about ____”, I feel encouraged to take time to examine my vulnerabilities and to be comfortable with them.”  TW

“I can tell you are intentional when using your hands to apply pressure, and you should know that you’re very adept at using the energy of your own body to put a client at ease. The care you took when manipulating or stretching my body parts was much appreciated.”  TW

“I continued to explore myself on a physical level. This is important to me, because so much of my emotional and mental life is inseparable from the way I (usually don’t) take care of my body. I feel like I had a tune up after a few weeks of intense use.”  TW

“I thought this was an incredible session.  It actually far exceeded my expectations.  I really felt Amy and I were in great harmony.”  SM


About All Is Well-Being

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Dancer, Board Certified Dance/movement Therapist
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