Services and Fees

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a unique one on one modality that uses supported yoga postures, dialog techniques and elements of mind-body psychology to further the connection and integration of mind and body.  We find a place where we begin to know ourselves more deeply and see our life situations and place in this world in a different light.  There is so much to learn from our bodies and PRYT helps facilitate this learning.  The therapist provides physical support as she moves the client’s body gently into and out of yoga postures and stretches.  The client can relax into the postures as the therapist encourages deeper exploration through this physical support and verbal prompts.


The first Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session lasts 2 hours.  For the first part of the session I will gather information about you that will help me get to know you and your reasons for seeking this form of therapy.  After we have talked we will move to the mat.  I will guide you through a centering meditation to help you check in with your body and land in the present moment.  I will then begin to guide and support your body through different postures and stretches while using non-directive dialog techniques that invite you to check in with your experience.  At the end of the session I will guide you through an integration that helps you process what you experienced in the session.

Fees for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions:

First session (2 hours)–$115

All following sessions (1 ½ hours)–$85

Please contact me with any questions and visit the Phoenix Rising website at


About All Is Well-Being

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Dancer, Board Certified Dance/movement Therapist
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